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A Guide to Graphic Print Production

Who actually does what in graphic print production today? What is prepress? What affects the price of a printed product? What should you think about when getting a price quote? How do you avoid additional […]

Sep, 07

Packaging Design: Successful Product Branding from Concept to Shelf

The primary goal of Packaging Design: Successful Product Branding from Concept to Shelf is to serve as a guide for manufacturers, marketers, design firms (packaging, brand, advertising, graphic, and industrial design), researchers, product developers, printers, […]

Sep, 01

Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team

Who are you? Who needs to know? Why should they care? How will they find out? The bestselling toolkit for the whole branding team Whether your goal is to revitalize an existing brand or launch […]

Aug, 06

Advertising by Design: Creating Visual Communications with Graphic Impact

Teaching advertising is an inspiring and challenging endeavor. Ideation, design, writing, and social responsibility are taught simultaneously. Students must become critical and creative thinkers very quickly, learning to design and write their creative ideas. Without […]

Aug, 06

Meggs’ History of Graphic Design

There is a German word, Zeitgeist, that does not have an English equivalent. It means the spirit of the times, and refers to the cultural trends and tastes that are characteristic of a given era. […]

Aug, 06

Becoming a Graphic Designer

If you really want to become a graphic designer, ask yourself this: Do you know what is expected and how to meet those expectations? If the answer is no, this book may be useful. If […]

Aug, 06


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