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Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming

Peter G. Rowe applied the term “design thinking’ to architecture in 1987. More recently, Tom Kelley, Tim Brown, and their colleagues at the design firm IDEO have developed comprehensive techniques for framing problems and generating […]

Aug, 06

Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills

Have you ever struggled to complete a design project on time? Or felt that having a tight deadline stifled your capacity for maximum creativity? This book is for you. Within these pages, you’ll find eighty […]

Aug, 06

Becoming a Graphic Designer

If you really want to become a graphic designer, ask yourself this: Do you know what is expected and how to meet those expectations? If the answer is no, this book may be useful. If […]

Aug, 06

Graphic Design for Nondesigners

If you have bought this book, or even received it as a gift (lucky you!), then presumably, you have at least a passing interest in graphic design. You’ve probably thought at some stage or other […]

Aug, 05


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