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Masters of Design: Corporate Brochures: A Collection of the Most Inspiring Corporate Communications Designers in the World

A clear and proprietary message and point of view are a critical part of a company’s success. This can be achieved in many ways, some visual, others operational. A strong identity is the foundation. The […]

Sep, 13

The Best of Brochure Design 10

Can you judge a brochure by its cover? Well, yes, you often can. A brochure is a lot like a person. Each is different: every one has something to say. The brochure cover, for example, […]

Sep, 09

Design Matters: An Essential Primer-Brochures, Logos, Packaging, Portfolios

Just as ancient ancestors communicated through visual icons, modem graphics speak to customers through imagery and text to impress values, functions, and hierarchies on millions of people. You have the responsibility and opportunity to make […]

Aug, 29

The Best of Brochure Design 11

For those who have been predicting the imminent death of the printed brochure—the wait continues. Indeed, these days companies are thinking more carefully about whether to hand over what is left of their pared-down marketing […]

Aug, 08


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