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Popular Lies About Graphic Design

While you may protest otherwise to family members and those not in the industry, it’s a harsh pill to swallow. But we should gel this out of the way early on so as to better […]

Aug, 06

How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer

Despite its title, this book will not provide the reader with a recipe to think like some of the most accomplished graphic designers of our time. Consider it instead a glimpse into the minds of […]

Aug, 06

How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul

I love being a designer. I love thinking about ideas freely and observing them taking shape: I love working concentratedly on a project all day. losing myself in the work, and, even after having been […]

Aug, 06

Minimal Graphics: The Powerful New Look of Graphic Design

What jump-started the return to a more minimal philosophy? The visual pendulums natural swing is a likely cause; After a decade of distended. layered, filtered, fragmented, disordered, and reassembled graphics, people want something fresh. The […]

Aug, 06


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