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Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers (3rd Edition)

The knowledge and use of good business practices are essential for the success of any professional or company, including the graphic designer and the design firm. The forms contained in this book deal with the […]

Oct, 13

Advertising Design and Typography

This book isn’t going to make you on advertising design genius. Nor will it make you a typographer. Four years in design school may work better. But It will help you understand the complexities of […]

Aug, 07

How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer

Despite its title, this book will not provide the reader with a recipe to think like some of the most accomplished graphic designers of our time. Consider it instead a glimpse into the minds of […]

Aug, 06

The Elements of Graphic Design

Most design education is concerned with combining and sometimes inventing bits of content. It concerns relation- ships of forms and almost always overlooks the critically important part of the design that goes unnoticed: the background […]

Aug, 06


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